MLX Ice Skates

Four-time U.S. Olympic speedskater and former skating coach for the Chicago Blackhawks, Dave Cruikshank started MLX with the idea of creating a better hockey skate using technology that has been used in speed skates for years. Cruikshank enlisted the help of speedskating boot designer Scott Van Horne to create a lightweight, composite hockey skate that form-fits to the skater's foot while still providing superior comfort and protection. From there, MLX brought in Mario Lemieux as an investor and endorser.

In 2011 Easton-Bell Sports announced its largest and most aggressive commitment in skate innovation when it purchased the MLX Skate's technology. The newly created Easton Speed Institute will combine MLX's innovative skate insights with Easton's design and engineering prowess, leading to a new skate concept launched to the market around the 2013 hockey season.


Check out these awesome skates, which did you rock?

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MLX Skate
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MLX Skate
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MLX Skate
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MLX Skate
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MLX Skate
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MLX Easton Mako Skate
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